Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Is Michael Bay the new Dr.Kavorkian?

We all know the pleasant Dr.K as the man who 'willfully' took peoples lives from them as they, apparently, asked for their lives to be cut short. Now in the realm of cinematic nurturings, there's no better analogy for Dr.K then our constant filmic target practice, Michael Bay. Why do you ask? Well it's simple: Aside from Uwe Boll and all those cinematic abortions we call '____ Movie' (Superhero movie, Disaster movie, etc.), Michael Bay is the lowest form on the movie art chain. He takes someones script (in the Dr.k analogy stage, a person) and destroys it (again, in the Dr.k realm, kills it). With Transformers 2 coming up next year (Kinda wish both of Shia's hands were destroyed in his accident), yet another terrible release is about to be unleashed upon the masses. Now, you have to ask yourself, should it stay or should it go? Quite briefly, and yours truly - Joe Strummers Ghost.

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